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Television Closer in City; KHQ and KXLY Get Go-Ahead

July 12, 1952

The Spokesman-Review

Radio station KHQ and the Symons Broadcasting Company of Spokane (KXLY) yesterday received authorization to build television stations here.

Immediate grants for construction came from the Federal Communications Commission at Washington, D.C., at an extraordinary—and first—night session. Earlier the FCC authorized 14 new stations in nine TV-less communities, including Denver and Portland, Ore.

Richard O. Dunning, president and general manager of KHQ, said he was “overjoyed” with the FCC’s action. Dunning said KHQ, the Spokane-Inland Empire affiliate of the National Broadcasting Company, expects to be the NBC-TV affiliate for the same area.

Applied in April

Dunning applied for a TV outlet here on April 3. He indicated at that time the station’s TV antenna would be placed atop the 826-foot KHQ tower on Moran Prairie.

Bing Crosby, who in September, 1948, filed for TV station rights in Spokane, Tacoma and Yakima, formed a partnership here with officials of radio station KXLY on June 26. Partners with the famed movie star-singer are Robert P. Porter, Mahlon B. Rucker and Dr. Joseph W. Lynch. Ed Craney of the managerial staff of KXLY, operated by the Symons firm, will head KXLY-TV.

The grants were among the first authorized in nearly four years, the Associated Press reported. The FCC lifted its “freeze” on new stations April 13.

Louis Wasmer, owner of radio station KSPO here, has filed an application for a VHF (very high frequency) Channel 2 station which has not yet been acted upon by the FCC. KHQ-TV will be on VHF Channel 6. KXLY-TV will be on VHF Channel 4.

“The question now is one of time,” Dunning commented when asked when Spokane residents would be seeing TV programs. “It will take time to get the antenna built and atop our tower, and to get equipment ordered and delivered.”

“Weather this fall will be another factor in the Spokane TV scene. Bad weather would hamper installation of intricate equipment,” Dunning said.

Saturday, July 12, 1952


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