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Crosby Eyes TV Tower on Mount

December 17, 1952

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Bing Crosby drove to Mount Spokane this afternoon for a close-up view of KXLY-TV’s tower and transmitter building.

Crosby and Spokane associates, Dr. Joseph W. Lynch, Mahlon Rucker and Robert P. Porter, joined forces with the Symons Broadcasting Company (KXLY) to form the corporation which was granted TV Channel 4 by the Federal Communications Commission.

Crosby and Basil Grillo, financial manager for Crosby Enterprises, spent the morning at KXLY’s studios in conference with Edward Craney, KXLY general manager.

Craney again today said it still is his hope KXLY-TV would be on the air by Christmas.

Crosby commented: “Naturally, we’re anxious to get the station on the air and give Spokane and the Inland Empire KXLY-TV telecasts and Columbia Broadcasting System TV shows. But, we’re not going on the air until we can do it right.”

Craney, who visited Mount Spokane yesterday, said the weather now is favorable to continuing the tower and antenna work “which is virtually completed.”

Wednesday, December 17, 1952


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