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Wasmer to Buy Station KREM

July 26, 1952

Radio Pioneer Sells KSPO in Two-Way Transaction

The Spokesman-Review

Approval of the sale of Spokane radio station KREM to Louis Wasmer came from the Federal Communications Commission Thursday at Washington, D.C.

The FCC authorized transfer of KREM from Cole E. Wylie to Wasmer for $225,000 on the condition Wasmer “divest himself of all interests in KSPO,” Spokane station which Wasmer owns, according to the Associated Press.

Wasmer announced that he has assigned the license of KSPO to D. Gene Williams and Delbert (Del Cody) Bertholf. Wasmer, who obtained KSPO from Arthur Smith in June, 1950, sold to Williams and Bertholf for $55,000.

The acquisition of KREM by Wasmer paves the way for assignment of a Channel 2 television permit to Wasmer. He will take over the KREM operating license next Thursday.

TV in Plans

Wasmer filed an application for a Channel 2 TV station early last month—an application which he said Thursday was contingent on the KREM sale.

“The KREM 30-acre site on Moran Prairie is ideally adapted to TV,” said Wasmer. “My application calls for the erection of a 750-foot TV tower and addition of more buildings. KREM radio facilities in general will be improved.”

Stations KHQ and KXLY here won assignments of TV channels 6 and 4, respectively, on July 11. Station KNEW, which applied for a Channel 4 permit on July 11 but lost out, early this week filed an amended application for Channel 2 rights. It has not yet been confirmed here if the application has been accepted for filing.

Because his TV application hinged on the KREM transfer (work on which began in mid-October last year), Wasmer said he feels FCC action can be expected on the TV permit soon. Wasmer also has interests in Seattle radio station KOL and KXLL at Missoula, Mont.

The new owner at KREM is a pioneer in the radio field here. He organized station KHQ in 1925 and took over operation of KGA in 1932. He sold KHQ, the National Broadcasting Company affiliate here, in 1946. Wasmer sold KGA, now the American Broadcasting Company outlet here, three years later.

Wylie said when plans for the sale of his station were announced, he would moved to Sunnyside, Wash., to devote his full time to the operation of station KREW, which he owns, if the sale was approved.

Saturday, July 26, 1952

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