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  1. Walt permalink

    I remember watching a kid’s show in the fifties shown in the afternoon or early evening. It had a guy dressed as a cowboy who played guitar and sang. Don’t remember the name of the host or the name of the show. Does anyone there know either the name of the show or the host’s name. At the time living in Walla Walla the only stations we got were out of Spokane.

    • More than likely it was Cliff Carl, star of “Bar 6 Roundup” on KHQ, channel 6.

  2. Thanks Steve!

  3. Steve Buff permalink

    In 50’s & 60’s Starlit Stairway was huge on Saturday nights. I recall another show following it on different station which was also locally produced & broadcast. Anybody got a name for it?

    • Walt Loevenstein permalink

      “When you need coal or oil, Call Boyle”

      • Brett permalink

        I don’t know if this is the place to ask a question, but here it goes; other than The Captain Cy Show, were there any local children’s show in the mid-late 60’s? I was in the audience of one on my birthday and my mother and I are having difficulty recalling the name of the show. I remember I left with a large oversized Sugar Daddy treat on a stick, but that’s about all I can recall…

      • Hey Brett, the only show that comes to mind like you describe is Romper Room with Miss Florence. It was on KHQ, Q-6 until the mid-60’s. I was on it once, and I vividly remember how pretty Miss Florence was and how delicious the Hostess Cupcakes were that they fed us.

      • Steve permalink

        How about Wallaby and Jack?

      • Walter Loevebstein permalink

        The one I remember was hosted by Cliff Carol who sang and played the guitar as a singing cowboy.

  4. Walt Loevenstein permalink

    “When you need coal or oil, Call Boyle”. Don’t remember the phone number though.

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