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KXLY-Television Ends Woes; to Get National Shows Soon

November 17, 1953

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Spokane television station KXLY-TV, dogged by troubles early in its career last winter, is “over the hump” and will go on the transcontinental hookup December 1, W. Norman Hawkins, manager, said today.

That is the day the new microwave cable between Spokane and Yakima goes into operation. From Yakima the coaxial cable connects with Seattle, Portland and California points.

Granted Channel 4 by the federal communications commission in July 1952, KXLY-TV chose Mount Spokane as the site for its tower and transmitter. Christmas day of that year was set by station officials as the target day for telecasts.

Almost from the day construction started, the station was beset by difficulties. Litigation over use of state park land as site for the tower and transmitter was first to slow the work. By the time that was settled winter weather had set in and frequent interruptions occurred.

Finally, on January 17, the station got on the air with test patterns. Regular commercial telecasting started February 22.

The recently completed underground power cable down the slope of Mount Spokane, installed by the Inland Empire Rural Electrification, and erection of a spare antenna by KXLY-TV should eliminate most of the weather difficulties this winter, Hawkins said.

“Our one big problem will be the transportation of maintenance crews between Spokane and the mountain when the deep snows come,” he said.

Tuesday, November 17, 1953


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