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KXLY Makes Bid for TV Location

September 25, 1952

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Formal application to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to erect a television tower and transmitter on Mount Spokane was made today by Edward Craney, general manager of KXLY.

Craney said he had talked to his attorneys in Washington, D.C. by telephone this morning, requesting them to make the application.

The action followed the approval yesterday of the state park board for KXLY-TV to locate its tower on Mount Spokane.

John Vanderzicht, State Parks Director, said the station will pay the state parks and parkways fund $1000 for the first year, $2000 the second year and $2500 annually for the next three years for use of the state land.

The agreement provides that KXLY will allow other stations to use the tower upon request. Two other Spokane stations, KHQ, which was allowed TV Channel Six, and KREM, which has a pending application for Channel Two, previously applied for permission to broadcast from the state park.

Craney said his original application to the FCC named two locations on Moran Prairie and Mount Spokane as possible tower sites. Today’s application, he said, requests the approval of Mount Spokane for the TV tower.

Construction work would start immediately upon approval by the FCC and could be completed in about 45 days with favorable weather, Craney said.

Preliminary plans, he said, call for tapping springs near Cook’s Cabin and piping water, with electric pumps, to the top of the mountain, a distance of about 1000 feet. The distance by road is approximately two miles.

Craney said he was not too worried about severe snow conditions on the mountain.

“We’re planning a two-story concrete building, about 40×80 feet, with doors on both the first and second floors,” he said. “If the snow gets deep, the maintenance crew can always get out the second story doors.”

No attempt, he said, would be made to get in and out of the tower and transmitter building during extreme winter weather. “We’ll stock the crew with provisions so they can stay right there,” he said.

Thursday, September 25, 1952

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