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Date to Start TV Tower Near

September 26, 1952

Mount Spokane Construction Awaits U.S. Approval

The Spokesman-Review

The possibility of television construction work starting on Mount Spokane loomed strong yesterday.

Ed Craney of Spokane, general manager of radio station KXLY here, announced he had telephoned his attorneys at Washington, D.C. to make formal application to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to erect TV equipment on the peak.

The move followed closely an announcement Wednesday by the state parks and recreation commission at Seattle, which approved Craney’s request for TV installation space. Two other Spokane stations had made similar requests, but were turned down by the parks group.

Need Good Weather

Craney indicated the FCC approval might be forthcoming early next week, in that he named Mount Spokane and Moran Prairie as possible TV transmitter-tower sites when his station applied for a television operating permit. The Spokane XL chain station won very high frequency Channel 4 rights from the FCC on July 11.

“Our construction, to cost about $300,000, at Mount Spokane could be finished in about 45 days if the weather holds good,” Craney commented. “We will construct a two-story, 40×80-foot concrete building and a 100-foot tower.”

KXLY’s TV antennae will be built in New Jersey, while the tower is to be fabricated here. The installation of the antennae will increase the transmitting tower’s height to 146 feet—or to a point higher than any existing or under-construction tower on the mountain top.

Rental Fee Set

Location of the tower will be at a point between the upper terminal of the ski chair lift and the area set aside for viewing Spokane area lakes through pipes marked with the name of the lake seen through the pipe. The TV tower will be south of the Forest Service lookout tower and slightly to the west, according to Craney.

The Parks Commission stipulated Wednesday that KXLY must allow other Spokane TV interests to use its Mount Spokane tower should they request it. Space rent on the peak is to cost KXLY $1000 for the first year, $2000 for the second year and $2500 yearly thereafter.

Craney said provisions will be made so maintenance crews can “ride out” any severe storms on Mount Spokane during the winter months. He said second-story access to the transmitter building could be made in time of deep snow.

Friday, September 26, 1952


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