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Nance steps

October 13, 2002

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

Robyn Nance did her final broadcast at KREM-2 last week.

She’ll be taking some time off for maternity leave, and then she’ll be moving over to KXLY-4 in the spring. She has a six-month non-compete clause with KREM.

Nance was KREM’s noon anchor and the morning show co-anchor.

At KXLY, she will play a “prominent role in the evening newscasts,” said KXLY’s Jerry Post.

Meanwhile, Nance’s KREM morning show co-anchor, Issa Arnita, did his last broadcast for the station on Friday. He has taken a new anchor job in Providence, R.I.

This means that a new KREM morning anchor team takes over on Monday: Dawn Picken and Nicole Crites.

Both have worked as reporters at KREM for several years. Katie Baker will continue as the morning weathercaster.

By the rigid formulas governing most TV anchor teams, that lineup is unorthodox.

“It is unusual in that it is three women anchoring a morning show,” said Bud Brown, KREM general manager.

However, he said the station is striving to do something different with its morning show, which has usually finished last in the ratings. The new show will emphasize “fast, consistent, information-rich content,” said Brown.

Sunday, October 13, 2002



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