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Secondary networks find homes

July 28, 2002

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

In just over a month, the Inland Northwest will finally have separate affiliates for the UPN and WB television networks.

At the moment, KSKN-22 carries both networks’ programming. On Sept. 1, KSKN will drop UPN and become strictly a WB affiliate.

“We will carry all WB shows, live in pattern,” said Meg Antonius of KSKN.

That means the shows will air in prime time, as scheduled. KSKN now carries WB shows in non-prime-time slots because UPN shows have had priority during prime time.

Meanwhile, UPN will shift to two sister stations: one a full-power station, KBGC-24, out of Pullman, the other a low-power station, K47EJ, channel 47, out of Coeur d’Alene. Arkansas-based Equity Broadcasting is launching both of these new stations.

These two signals should combine to cover most of the region, according to Doug Krile of Equity.

The catch is that KBGC-24 will not be on the air by Sept. 1. Krile said Equity hopes to get the station up and running in October. Only Coeur d’Alene’s low-power station will begin broadcasting on Sept. 1, and it won’t carry more than 20 to 50 miles, at best.

However, if you have cable, this may not be a problem. Equity is talking to AT&T Broadband and the other major cable carriers about getting the UPN signal on cable on Sept. 1. If that works out, you can have your “Buffy” and your “7th Heaven,” too.

Sunday, July 28, 2002



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