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KHQ responds to Shaw

January 13, 2001

TV station issues counterclaims, alleges his conduct played role in Daniels’ leaving

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

Attorneys for Spokane TV station KHQ-6 allege that former anchor Randy Shaw “intentionally interfered” with the contractual relationship the station had with his one-time partner Penny Daniels.

That interference – which isn’t specifically detailed in court documents filed Wednesday – was a factor in Daniels’ contract being terminated by the station, attorneys say.

KHQ attorneys formally issued their response to Shaw’s lawsuit against the station, while submitting counterclaims against him.

Shaw, probably the most popular newscaster in Spokane, was fired by KHQ on Nov. 8.

His termination came a month after Daniels, his former coanchor, asked to be let out of her contract and left the station. The 53- year-old Shaw had been an anchor at the station for more than 17 years.

In a claim filed last month, Shaw said that he was the victim of an orchestrated attempt “to destroy him” led by KHQ president Lon Lee and news director Patricia McRae.

Shaw was hired this week by TV station KREM-2, but won’t go on the air until May 9, because of a no-compete clause in his KHQ contract. He will join Charles Rowe and Nadine Woodward as anchors.

While Shaw was at KHQ, the station said, his interference with the contractual relationship between the station and Daniels was “outside the scope of his employment, was for an improper purpose and was not privileged in any fashion,” the claim said.

The word “deny” appears 42 times in KHQ’s response to Shaw’s allegations against the station.

Attorneys for both sides declined to comment.

KHQ wants Shaw’s complaint dismissed, seeks damages to be determined at trial and an order restraining him from defaming the station and its employees.

In Shaw’s claim, attorneys said that during his years of employment he developed “very positive relationships” with the vast majority of those he worked for.

KHQ-6 rebutted that.

“While employed at KHQ, Shaw willfully failed to interact with co- workers and management of KHQ, in violation of the parties’ employment agreement and KHQ’s Employee Handbook,” the claim said.

“In addition, Shaw’s conduct towards co-workers and management of KHQ constituted harassment and created a hostile work environment,” the claim said.

Shaw’s attorneys want the court to order KHQ to produce numerous documents they believe will help their client. Shaw signed his last contract with KHQ on June 1, 1998, and it was scheduled to run through Dec. 31, 2006. But in its response, KHQ said Shaw violated the terms of that contract.

Saturday, January 13, 2001


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