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Shaw prepares to sue KHQ

November 17, 2000

Daniels says she’s trying to get on with life after leaving station

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

Randy Shaw and Penny Daniels, the two main characters in an unfolding drama involving Shaw’s firing last week at KHQ-6, are handling the controversy in different ways.

Shaw said he is comforted by the public support he has received and is preparing for a court battle.

Daniels said she is just trying to get on with her life.

Shaw, reached at home Thursday, said that he has been overwhelmed by the dozens of calls he has received from colleagues and the public. He said he was “glad that people do not believe these terrible allegations.”

According to KHQ management, Shaw was fired “because of his long- term unacceptable behavior in the station which he was unwilling to address in any meaningful way.”

The station has not detailed the exact nature of these allegations, but they appear to revolve around whether Shaw created a hostile work environment for co-anchor Daniels, and possibly for other co-workers.

In a four-page press release issued by Shaw on Tuesday, Shaw said that he “had to endure months of being judged by how he might be looking at Penny Daniels and by how management perceived he was looking at Penny Daniels.”

On Thursday, Shaw said he could not go into more detail because “now we’re into the legal phase.” Shaw said he will be filing suit against KHQ within a matter of days.

Daniels, contacted at home Wednesday before going out of town, said she had not read Shaw’s press release and didn’t plan to do so soon.

“I have been really busy with my family and moving on with my life,” Daniels said. “I sincerely hope Randy will be able to do the same. I wish him well.”

Daniels, who left the station a month before Shaw, had earlier said that she is “looking at different options, both in and out of TV news, both in and out of Spokane.”

Shaw, who was KHQ’s main news anchor for 17 years, said he plans to spend time with his family through the holidays and won’t pursue other employment until at least the new year. He said that a provision in his contract with KHQ prevents him from working for competing stations.

He said that by the time the lawsuit works its way through the courts and he starts actively seeking other employment, the no-compete clause will probably no longer be an issue. The clause is only for six months.

Friday, November 17, 2000


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