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Captain Cy is etched in memories of many

January 28, 1997

By Paul Turner
The Spokesman-Review

Sandpoint’s Tracie Roos had asked if anyone remembered “The Captain Cy Show” from the ’60s?

The answer is YES.

After printing her question, we heard from about 50 readers. Most not only remembered the Spokane kids show but had been on it. “If you could wiggle your ears, you got a big prize,” recalled Lori Davis.

Rita Reed still has the comic book she received on the show nearly 35 years ago. It has a fudgesicle smear from that day’s treat.

We heard from former Brownies, Blue Birds, Cub Scouts and “Magic Number” winners. Shirley Hoy, Debra Ramotowski, Susan Slocumb, Tom Clark, Ann Lueck, Alison Duke, Caroline Hillebrant and many others shared memories.

Space doesn’t permit us to share all these recollections. So we’ll dance with the one who brought us. Roos told about the time, just before she turned 6, when she got to be on the show with her siblings and cousins.

“Halfway through the show that day, my little 4-year-old brother Tom just started crying,” she wrote. “Captain Cy came over to us and, picking him up, asked him what was the matter. To our horror, Tom replied that his sisters and cousins were hitting him. We hadn’t touched the kid!

“Captain Cy flashed us a stern look and took Tom over to the camera … Tom got to pick out the next cartoon. Of course, he picked Touché Turtle, the favorite in our household.”

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

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  1. Stephen Stratton permalink

    Yes Capt. Cy was a favorite show of mine too. Our Cub Scout pack were his guests one afternoon. I displayed a broken front tooth off with pride. I had received ‘The Rifleman’s’ rifle the previous Christmas from ‘Santa’. I tried to cock the rifle, like Chuck Connors did, however my 10 year old arms were not long enough and BAM right into the tooth. He was a fun guy to watch and so genuine on the show without airs. Thank you for your article. Be safe and God Bless.

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