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A marriage between KREM and KSKN

July 14, 1996

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

KREM-2 announced this week that it has entered into a local marketing agreement (LMA) with KSKN-22 in Spokane. This means that KREM-2 will sell advertising and provide programming services for KSKN.

You’ve never heard of KSKN?

You’re not alone. This is probably the least visible of Spokane’s local TV stations. Most of its programming consists of the Home Shopping Network, and it can be picked up both over the air and on Cox Cable, channel 22.

Barry Barth, KREM general manager, said that there will be no big changes to KSKN right now. However, he said that KSKN “has the potential to be more of a local station” in the future.

Meanwhile, we should note that an LMA is not a change in ownership. KSKN-TV Inc. is still owned by Mel Querio of Chico, Calif. KREM is owned by the Providence Journal Company out of Rhode Island.

Sunday, July 14, 1996



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