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Broadcasters Won’t Go Easy In Self-Critique

March 17, 1996

By Jim Kershner
The Spokesman-Review

The local broadcast media, not usually prone to introspection, will conduct a public self-examination session this week.

On Thursday at 7 p.m., KSPS-7 will air a live call-in program entitled “Quality TV News: Can Real Journalists Work in Local TV News?” The news directors of all three Spokane stations will be on the panel, as will some familiar TV faces who have recently opted out of the business.

This promises not to be a softball-lobbing contest. Hugh Imhof, organizer and moderator of the show and a former TV reporter himself, said that the following issues will be on the table:

Is there less emphasis on journalism and more on sensationalism?

Is in-depth coverage dead?

Is there too much fluff?

Do reporters have to satisfy the wishes of producers who have little perspective on the community?

Panel members include Ron Comings, news director of KREM-2; Patricia McRae, news director of KHQ-6; Robin Briley, news director of KXLY-4; Tom McArthur, former reporter with KXLY and KREM; Karen Kelly, former anchor at KXLY; and Glenn Johnson, professor at the Washington State University School of Communications.

The studio audience will be filled with journalists and community leaders who will also participate in the discussion.

This show is co-sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Tune in for what should be a provocative hour.

Sunday, March 17, 1996



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