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Arts funding enriches our lives

December 2, 1991

The following letter appeared in the Monday, December 2, 1991 edition of The Spokesman-Review:

A recent letter urged readers to support a House resolution that would abolish funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. I urge just the opposite.

Please let your elected officials know of your desire to fund local, state and national arts organizations. Without expression through the arts, we are a society lacking creativity, innovation, and the freedom to think differently.

Over the years, NEA funding has been extremely important to KSPS-TV, Spokane’s Public Television station. Through March 1990, the NEA participated in the funding of 98 series and 159 specials seen on public television. Critically acclaimed Public Broadcasting System programs such as “Great Performances,” “American Playhouse,” “WonderWorks” and “P.O.V.” have been funded in part by the NEA. Those and other NEA-funded activities serve citizens from all walks of life and truly add to our educational, informational and cultural quality of life.

Claude Kistler
General Manager, KSPS-TV


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