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Station’s ex-manager is member of a group that purchased license

September 17, 1988

The Spokesman-Review

The former manager of Spokane television station KSKN-Channel 22 is part of a group that purchased the broadcasting license from the estate of the bankrupt partnership that operated the station.

The purchase was approved Tuesday by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge in Tucson, Ariz., said Fred T. Boice, the Tucson trustee for the estate of 22 Spokane Limited Partnership.

Steve Whitehead, who was the station manager of KSKN until one month before it shut down in June 1987 said he and other investors planned to put the station back on the air.

But Whitehead declined to reveal any details of plans for the station. “Because of the people involved and because of what we want to do I can’t comment on our plans or our timetable,” he said. “I want to, but I really can’t.”

Boice said the license was sold for $25,000. Despite a marketing effort by a Tucson firm that approached 38 potential buyers, only Whitehead made an offer on the license, he said.

The only objection to the sale was put forward by the widow of Gene Adelstein, who headed the partnership that owned the station. Ellen Adelstein apparently felt that the price for the license was too low, but with no other bids the judge approved the sale, said Bill Romine, a partner with Whitehead in the purchase.

Romine referred other questions to Whitehead.

The second decline of KSKN, the second independent UHF station to come on the air in Spokane, began with the death in March 1986 of Gene Adelstein. Adelstein was general partner in the group that bought the station after previous owners filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in bankruptcy court. He was credited with making the station a credible competitor of KAYU-Channel 28, Spokane’s other independent station.

Adelstein’s wife and son were unsuccessful in running the station after his death; the station filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the spring of 1987.

Whitehead and Romine ran a Spokane production company in the mid-1970s, Romine said, doing work for Expo ’74 and the Sheraton-Spokane grand opening.

Saturday, September 17, 1988


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