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KREM to launch midday news programs

June 9, 1987

The Spokesman-Review

Early and mid-afternoon news watchers get two new choices starting Monday, with the addition of two half-hour KREM newscasts.

KREM (Channel 2) has announced it will introduce 30-minute programs of news and information at 6:30 and at noon.

News director Phil Wenstrand said the programs are part of KREM’s ambition to establish a daylong consistency of news programming for viewers.

“A lot of people don’t watch the 11 p.m. news and want to know what’s happened overnight. The early show will help catch them up,” said Wenstrand.

Early morning news, he noted, has become an area of keener local competition. KREM’s early morning newscast is the first locally produced half-hour in this market.

Neither KHQ (Channel 6) nor KXLY (Channel 4) have plans to add more news to the 90 minutes they produce in the evening and at night.

KXLY and KHQ each had offered 30-minute noon programs several years ago. Each program had been meant as news magazines, combining quick news reports and selected features or interviews. Both eventually were replaced by network programming.

KREM’s hope, added Wenstrand, is to make the noon newscast a bridge between early morning and the 5 p.m. news.

Its approach will lean slightly toward lighter news, reflecting an audience that will be dominated by women at home. But, he said, its emphasis will be a full mix of local, national and international news.

“Out here on the West Coast, we have to realize that by noon, a lot has already happened in the world,” Wenstrand said.

KREM hired two anchors – Mary McDermott and Jay Alan – for both newscasts. David Salesky has been hired to give weather reports.

Tuesday, June 9, 1987


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