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KAYU-TV signs up with Fox network

August 4, 1986

Spokane Chronicle

KAYU-TV of Spokane is among the independent stations that have signed affiliation agreements with the new Fox Broadcasting Co.

It reached the agreement two weeks ago, said Bob Hamacher, KAYU president and general manager.

Hamacher said today he is optimistic about the fledgling company’s future.

“I think Fox certainly has the money and the expertise behind it,” he said, adding that he believes the company will offer good alternatives to the established network offerings.

“The most important factor in the future of television broadcasting is programming,” Hamacher said, “and they are a programming outlet that, I think, gives us and the viewer in Spokane the type of program that we’re going to need not only now but in the 1990s.”

He described “The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers,” which Fox will offer, as “excellent counterprogramming” to the late-night news of the other network affiliates.

Reflecting on the possibilities for additional programming once Fox has established itself, Hamacher said, “We just need to take it step by step.”

Monday, August 4, 1986 


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