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Shelly Monahan due to go to California

May 9, 1986

Spokane Chronicle

KREM’s weather reporter Shelly Monahan, who went from “Sunshine Shelly” to Spokane’s best-known TV personality, will take a job in a similar role for a television station in Sacramento, Calif.

Monahan, 27, will leave her hometown to work at KCRA-TV, an NBC affiliate. Sacramento is the 19th-largest TV market in the nation; Spokane is 76th.

In four years as a weather announcer at KREM, Monahan has won a large following of loyal viewers. According to station management, viewer surveys in recent years indicated Monahan’s face and name were better known than any other local personality’s.

She won attention of another kind in a book about the Kevin Coe case in which she revealed she had been a rape victim. Monahan was raped in 1979, during a string of attacks attributed to Coe, but could not positively identify her attacker.

After Coe’s conviction, she gave talks throughout Eastern Washington on the effects of rape and the importance of therapy and rape counseling.

She also has been sought frequently to appear as a host or emcee for community events and public functions.

Before working at KREM-TV, Monahan was a radio disc jockey in Spokane. Her early radio nickname was “Sunshine Shelly.”

Her last day at KREM will be May 30.

Friday, May 9, 1986


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