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Notice of KSKN sale to Gene Adelstein and Sun Continental Group

August 14, 1985

From the “Notices” section of the Spokane Chronicle; Wednesday, August 14, 1985.


Broadcast Vision Television, A Limited Partnership, Debtor-In-Possession, gives notice that there was filed with the Federal Communications Commission on August 2, 1985, an application for consent to the assignment of licenses of television station KSKN, Channel 22, Spokane, Washington, to Sun Continental Group.

Broadcast Vision Television is a Limited Partnership controlled equally by General Partners Broadcast Vision Television, Inc., Lee Schulman and Arnold Mills. Lee Schulman and Arnold Mills are the sole officers, directors and stockholders of Broadcast Vision Television, Inc.

Eugene D. Adelstein is the sole officer, director and stockholder of Sun Continental Group.

Copies of the application and related materials are available for public inspection at the studios of KSKN, East 4022 Broadway, Spokane, Washington, between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM, weekdays.


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