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Hoover leaves position as co-anchor of KXLY-TV news

July 10, 1985

By Bert Caldwell
Spokane Chronicle

Veteran Spokane newsman Richard E. “Dick” Hoover has left television station KXLY, Channel 4.

Hoover, 57, said his departure Friday was amicable. He had served six months of a proposed 15-month stint at KXLY as co-anchor of the early evening news broadcast.

Station officials, he said, had asked him to consider coming on full time so the news anchor team – Donna Kelley was his partner – would be the same for both the early and late newscasts.

Hoover said the demands of his own public relations business, Richard E. Hoover & Associates, made that kind of time commitment impossible.

“It turned out to be a hell of a drain from an energy and time standpoint,” Hoover said of his anchor obligation. “It had a detrimental effect on my business.”

Discussions with station management about expanding his role at KXLY began before release of the May ratings, he said, conceding, “We weren’t setting the world on fire.”

KXLY was a distant third to KHQ and KREM in the May figures.

Hoover said he was glad he took the opportunity to go back on the air, and wished he could have continued for the full 15 months that had been agreed to in January.

“We’re really sorry to lose him,” station manager Darrell Blue said Wednesday. “Dick has been an important and vital part of this operation.”

The part-time arrangement made with Hoover before he returned to the air was not perfect from either side’s point of view, he said, but the station wanted to take advantage of Hoover’s experience in broadcasting and in Spokane.

Hoover anchored the KREM newscast in the 1950s and 1960s.

But Blue said Hoover’s one newscast appearance at 5 p.m. created a problem because viewers prefer the same people on that broadcast and the one at 11 p.m. Anchor newsmen, he said, are a TV station’s “face,” and KXLY’s many faces were confusing.

Hoover has been replaced by Rob Daugherty, who is sitting in on both the 5 and 11 p.m. newscasts with Elaine Murphy. Kelley co-anchors the 4:30 p.m. newscast with Bob Heye.

Wednesday, July 10, 1985


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