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Another TV station will go on the air

March 18, 1983

By Jim Spoerhase
Spokane Chronicle

Spokane’s second independent television station, KSKN-TV, will “try to get on the air before summer,” the station’s president said today.

That’s about as close as you can nail down Lee Schulman on when the new station to be broadcast on Channel 22 will be on the air.

Schulman said he isn’t being contrary about setting a date when the station will start broadcasting, but explained that such factors as technical equipment and construction delays cloud the future.

The KSKN studios are at E4022 Broadway. Schulman said that the station will transmit from an extension on the present KREM-TV tower on Browne’s Mountain.

“Generally you can describe our planned venture as one of considerable local coverage and programming,” Schulman said. “We will have a local news staff and a local newscast.” He said that eventually he wants the new station to be doing some live sports coverage.

Spokane’s first independent TV station, KAYU, does not have a local news staff or program. Robert Hamacher, top man at KAYU, recently told a Spokane business group he doesn’t feel there is enough business here for another independent TV station.

Schulman, however, strongly disagrees. He said that even with five commercial television stations here there will be enough business for all of them.

“I see this as a strong marketplace for contemporary commercial television,” Schulman said.

The new TV station will employ between 20 and 25 people, Schulman said.

The KSKN coverage area will be almost identical to the other Spokane TV stations already on the air, he said.

He said that KSKN will be carried also on Cox Cable TV, but said no decision has been made yet on what cable channel it will be carried.

“Our local studio is being designed so that it can be used for local programming and will also get some of our programming off the satellites and some of our shows will be syndicated,” Schulman said.

He said that the new station will have a nucleus of experienced and professional employees, but said that by design he hopes to be able to hire local men and women later whom the station will train.

Schulman, who comes from Los Angeles, said he is in the process of making his permanent home in Spokane.

In the broadcast business since 1948, Schulman was general manager of KING-TV in Seattle for 18 years, was associated with the American Broadcasting Co. in Chicago and the National Broadcasting Co. in Los Angeles and Chicago. Several years ago he formed his own broadcasting firm, Broadcast Vision Television Inc., of which KSKN is a part.

Friday, March 18, 1983


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