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KAYU weathers delay, finally goes on the air

November 2, 1982

The Spokesman-Review

Weekend snow flurries on Tower Mountain were the culprits that held up the arrival of KAYU-TV, Spokane’s first independent TV station.

The station, owned and operated by a group of local investors, had planned to sign on officially last Saturday. But inclement weather – snow at the station’s antenna site – kept the station off the air until Sunday night.

The station finally got enough good weather on Halloween to tune the antenna and put out its first broadcast signals. The station went on the air Sunday evening at 6 p.m.

According to Bob Hamacher, the station’s general manager, the snow hampered engineers who were testing the station’s antenna. The station uses a different type of antenna technology called a wave guide.

Snow or moisture in the air prevents accurate testing of the wave guide, said Hamacher.

The station, operating over Channel 28 on the UHF (ultrahigh frequency) band and Channel 8 on Cox Cable, has a broadcast range of approximately 70 miles, he said.

The station’s first target date for going on the air was two weeks ago. But problems with transmitter materials and poor weather delayed KAYU’s baptismal broadcast.

Tuesday, November 2, 1982


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