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Sale of construction permit of Channel 22 to Lee Schulman

June 18, 1982

Public Notice
On June 1, 1982, an application was filed with the Federal Communications Commission requesting authority to assign the construction permit of television broadcast station KUAA, Channel 22, Spokane, Washington, from Frontier Media, Inc. to Broadcast Vision Television, A Limited Partnership. The officers, directors and shareholders who hold 10% or more of the stock of Frontier Media, Inc. are Robert L. Cooper, Mark Cooper, and Lois Zeitner, and Bill Warwood. The General Partners of Broadcast Vision Television, A Limited Partnership are Broadcast Vision Television, Inc., whose officers, directors and shareholders are Lee Schulman and Arnold Mills. Lee Schulman and Arnold Mills are also General Partners themselves. The Limited Partner is Art Greenfield. A copy of the application and related material are on file for public inspection at N2610 Pines Road, Spokane, Washington.

The Spokesman-Review; Friday, June 18, 1982


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