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Wisconsin TV executive is named as McNulty replacement at KXLY

April 10, 1982

The Spokesman-Review

Steven Herling, vice president and general manager at a TV station in Madison, Wis., has been named to the same position at KXLY Television and Radio in Spokane.

Herling, 38, told The Spokesman-Review by phone he will take over for Wayne F. McNulty on April 19. The appointment of Herling to the Spokane job was announced during the National Association of Broadcasters meeting this week in Dallas.

Herling has a background in both print and broadcast journalism. During his five years at WISC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Madison, that station has placed itself first in local news ratings.

McNulty took over the positions of vice president and general manager in May 1962.

McNulty did not comment on the appointment of Herling, telling The Spokesman-Review earlier this week that a statement would be issued later.

McNulty, who is part owner of Apple Valley Broadcasting in Yakima, Wash., also did not reply to requests for a comment on his plans.

KXLY is owned by the Evening Telegram Corp. of Superior, Wis. The company also owns broadcast facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota and stations KAPP in Yakima and KVEW in the Tri-Cities.

Saturday, April 10, 1982

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