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FCC renews stations’ licenses

July 31, 1981

The Spokesman-Review

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to reject a seven-year-old complaint and renew broadcasting licenses for Spokane’s two radio stations and one television station carrying the call letters KHQ.

The commission’s vote ended a dispute centering around a petition by Terrence Fancher that the stations represented an illegal cross-ownership of media outlets.

Fancher first developed the complaint in a paper he wrote as a senior at Ferris High School. He is now a law student at Harvard University.

KHQ Inc. is owned by Cowles Publishing Co., which also owns The Spokesman-Review and the Spokane Daily Chronicle.

Fancher had contended that the ownership of the various communications media amounted to “economic monopolization” of news and advertising sources in Spokane.

The FCC has ordered some television and newspaper combinations to split up in communities with limited television outlets, but has allowed such ownership in larger markets such as New York and Chicago.

The FCC rejected the allegations contained in Fancher’s petition and one commissioner criticized the delay, according to a statement released by J. Birney Blair, president and general manager of KHQ Inc.

The stations were issued a three-year license retroactive to Feb. 1. They had been operating on extensions from the FCC pending a decision on Fancher’s petition.

Friday, July 31, 1981


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