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Joint TV Operation Eyed

January 9, 1980

Competitors Talking

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Two groups seeking to operate television channel 22 (UHF) for Spokane may combine efforts to put the channel on the air next year.

But Eugene D. Adelstein, Tucson, Ariz., head of Southwest Television, who is seeking the franchise, along with Frontier Media, Bozeman, Mont., said today if they can’t get together and the matter goes before the Federal Communications Commission, it might be three to five years before Channel 22 would be on the air here.

Another group announced last week that it is seeking FCC approval to establish an independent station, the same as Adelstein proposes, this one on ultra high frequency Channel 28. Du-Jan Inc. of Seattle hopes to be on the air early next year.

Asked today if Spokane could support two independent TV stations in addition to the three network affiliations and the education channel, Adelstein said he didn’t know. “It could be interesting,” he said.

“We are hopeful that we can unite with Frontier Media to get on the air in Spokane,” Adelstein said in a telephone interview from his office in Tucson, where he operates an independent station.

Mark Cooper, Willow Creek, Mont., an officer of Frontier Media, told the Chronicle today, “We are in the talking stage with Southwest Television, but we have not yet reached an agreement.”

Adelstein said his present plan calls for a television tower on Krell Mountain, near the present KHQ-TV tower. The Channel 28 tower is proposed for the same general area.

The Tucson station owner was not aware of the Channel 28 application to operate here until he was informed by the Chronicle. He said Channel 22 would put heavy emphasis on sports coverage and said he had already talked to colleges in this area about such proposed broadcasting.

The proposed Channel 22 station would have a range of 60 to 70 miles from Spokane, Adelstein said. Representatives of the proposed Channel 28 operation said their station would have about a 30-to-40-mile range.

Adelstein said that as an independent station, he would plan to concentrate on syndicated shows, movies and sports.

Wednesday, January 9, 1980


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