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Early FCC application for Channel 22 (1979)

November 9, 1979

On October 26, 1979, Frontier Media, Inc. tendered an application to the Federal Communications Commission for a construction permit authorizing a new commercial television station on Channel 22 serving Spokane, Washington. The application proposes a maximum Effective Radiated Power of 1,197 kilowatts, with an antenna height of 1,707 feet above average terrain from a transmitter site located on Krell Hill, near Spokane. Exact studio location within Spokane has not yet been determined. The officers, directors, and persons holding 10% or more of the capital stock of Frontier Media, Inc. are Robert Cooper, Mark Cooper, Lois Zeitner, and Bill Warwood. A copy of the application and related material are on file for public inspection at N. 2610 Pines Rd. Spokane, WA.

The Spokesman-Review; Friday, November 9, 1979


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