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Public Television Goes Public

January 2, 1972

The following is text of a newspaper advertisement touting the launch of Friends of Seven (now known as Friends of KSPS).

We’ve been calling ourselves Public Television for a long time. Now it’s official! A group of interested citizens have formed “FRIENDS OF SEVEN” to emphasize the word “public.”

“FRIENDS OF SEVEN” is interested in broadening the scope of local programming to help our community in any way we can to solve some of its problems. Our Station will attain this local strength through complete colorization and constant upgrading of local programming, thus relying less on national sources.

EXPO is coming. “FRIENDS OF SEVEN” feel that Channel 7 and the Network with which it is affiliated should play an important role in the national and international recognition this community will receive. This, too, requires a strong, color-capable production facility.

“FRIENDS OF SEVEN” will give ALL the public a chance to support the programming and financing of Channel 7 thus assisting School District #81 in this effort which it has almost single-handedly carried out since 1967.

Help us put “public” into Public Television.

Sunday, January 2, 1972


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