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Educational TV Receives Funds

July 15, 1971

The Spokesman-Review

Spokane School District 81 has received a $22,500 check from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Walter J. Schaar, general manager of the district’s educational television station, announced Wednesday night.

Schaar also announced that the district has received $1,500 as a grant from the Junior League of Spokane to be used for the production of six 30-minute programs on consumer education.

The district also received a $32,620 grant from the Health, Education and Welfare Department of the U.S. government to be applied to purchase of electronic accessories for a video tape recorder used in district-operated KSPS-TV.

Schaar said the $22,500 was granted on application for funds to “maintain our heavy schedule of community involvement shows,” for the production of “local specials” such as a symphony telecast and proposed filming on the history and background of areas that went underwater with the construction of Grand Coulee Dam and subsequent projects.

Purchase O.K.’d

The School Board approved the purchase at a special price of $56,000 of equipment bid at $71,201 by the RCA Corporation, Camden, N.J.

Included in the special offer was a $44,749 color television film camera, which will be received within 30 days, Schaar said.

The district will pay the difference between $56,000 and the $32,620 federal grant.

Schaar said the station expects to be able to produce color programs in its studios by July 28, the next board meeting date.

The School Board, which is due for another television appearance at its July 28 session, will not make its debut in color at that time, however.

Dr. Ayars said that because of possible hot weather, the directors will meet July 28 in the administration building.

Appointed to the district’s Community Television Advisory were Dean Donaldson, Gonzaga University faculty member and partner in the advertising firm of Devine, Miller, Carlson, Donaldson Inc., and Mrs. Phillip S. Camp, recreation supervisor with the Spokane City Park Department.

Thursday, July 15, 1971


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