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Death Claims Radio Pioneer Louis Wasmer

August 24, 1967

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Louis Wasmer, a pioneer figure in Spokane radio and television, died today at Rochester, Minn., four days after his admission to a Mayo Clinic-affiliated hospital.

A clinic spokesman said a recurrent blood stream infection was the cause of death. Death occurred at 9:15 a.m. (Spokane time) in St. Mary’s Hospital, the spokesman added.

In a long residence here, the 75-year-old Wasmer at one time or another had owned many of the city’s radio stations. He had many other business interests, was active in aviation circles, once aspired to be Washington’s governor and served as a Gonzaga University regent.

Born May 10, 1892 in Nebraska, he was reared in Seattle. It was about 1925 that he came to Spokane and early became a prominent figure in the city’s radio circles.

Years later when he was seeking a license to operate a television station, KREM-TV, he was to recall at a hearing in Washington, D.C. how – while still in his teens – he helped design and build an experimental radio station in Seattle.

Subsequently, he said, he had owned wholly or in part nine different radio stations in Spokane and Seattle, including at one time KHQ, KGA, KREM, KSPO and KFIO here.

It was in 1944 that he announced he would be a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. The nomination went to the incumbent, Arthur B. Langlie.

Mr. Wasmer was also something of an automobile buff. His Rolls Royce was one of the few to be seen on Spokane streets in recent years.

Mr. Wasmer is survived at the home at S4123 Regal by his wife, Florence, who had accompanied him to the Mayo Clinic.

Smith’s will handle funeral arrangements.

Thursday, August 24, 1967

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