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Educational TV Station to Include Controversy

February 17, 1967

The Spokesman-Review

Areas of controversy will be explored on Spokane’s new educational television station and some of the programs may raise a few eyebrows in the community, Deyrol Anderson, station director, told members of the Spokane Human Relations Council Wednesday.

Anderson, who said the station will broadcast a test pattern March 21 and be on the air by April 15, found himself the center of controversy at the meeting when the question of race arose regarding selection of an advisory committee.

The director told members of the council that the committee was selected from a cross-section of Spokane and its purpose is to preview some of the shows to be presented and to make suggestions on others concerning community problem areas.

Anderson was asked if any member of a minority group was on the committee. He said there was none but that it was an oversight.

“Programming for an educational television station is a real challenge,” Anderson told members of the council. Up until 5 p.m., he said, the programs will be aimed at the classroom and will be divided into morning, afternoon and late afternoon instructions for the various educational levels.

The evening programs, however, will be devoted to community programs and will be competitive with existing commercial stations, he said.

Cable To Be Used

He explained that the station will be viewed up to an 85-mile radius from Spokane and a cable will extend this to 150 miles to all directions.

The station will be no burden to the taxpayer, he said, and will cost each taxpayer about .0037 cents per year. The station will be self-sustaining after five years. This is because the funds to support the educational station will come from contracts with school districts throughout the Inland Empire, he said.

Anderson said an agreement may be worked out with area colleges to provide instruction for credit hours.

The station will carry local productions, programs from National Educational Television, high-cost film packages and instructional films, and free films. Color will not be used at first.

Friday, February 17, 1967


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