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School Directors Reset Studio Bids

August 31, 1966

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m. was the time set by the School Board last night for the opening of general contract bids for construction of the KSPS-TV studio building adjacent to Ferris High School.

That was the latest move in the city school district’s effort to get the studio and transmitter in operation by early 1967.

On Aug. 10 the general construction for studio construction was let to S.G. Morin & Sons, the firm that was still low bidder even though the contractor had announced an error of $10,000 in his $111,300 figure which should have been $121,300.

Ruling Issued

Dr. Albert L. Ayars, superintendent, yesterday told the School Board that Louis Bruno, state superintendent of public instruction, acting on the advice of the state attorney general, ruled that the board’s action constituted a negotiated contract that could not be approved.

An additional problem was placed before the board by Deyrol E. Anderson, director of educational television, who said the start of work on the transmitter on Tower Mountain has been delayed because of the inability of the district to obtain easements from adjacent property owners.

He said that the transmitter tower and a crew will be sent out from Pennsylvania Oct. 9 to start work for the Excell Construction Co., which was awarded a $25,400 contract Aug. 10. However, the contract will not be signed until legal aspects have been clarified, he said.

Board president William G. Luscher said some of the property owners have been on vacation and that the difficulty should be resolved within 10 days.

Wednesday, August 31, 1966


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