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Board Postpones Awarding TV Transmitter Contract

March 11, 1966

The Spokesman-Review

Award of contracts for the Spokane Public Schools’ educational television station’s transmitting system was delayed Wednesday night by the School Board.

The delay came after nearly three hours of arguments before the directors on the relative merits of two types of transmissions – the bat wing Antenna, supported by the General Electric Co., and the traveling wave antenna, manufactured by the Radio Corporation of America.

Supt. Albert L. Ayars suggested the postponement and the placement of the matter in the hands of a reputable electronics firm for recommendations.

Help Needed

After unanimous board action approving Dr. Ayars’ suggestion, Board President William G. Luscher said, “In fairness to the taxpayers of District 81, we need objective outside help.”

General Electric, with a combined basic bid of $131,890 on transmitter equipment, transmission line and miscellaneous equipment, was apparent low bidder. The comparative RCA bid was $146,300.

A recommendation that the district purchase the traveling wave antenna was forwarded to the board by Plaint Supt. Merle M. Hood.

Spokesmen for RCA said the General Electric bid did not meet “certain technical requirements.” Representatives of General Electric said RCA’s offer did not comply with some of the specifications.

Stainless, Inc., an Eastern firm, submitted the apparent low bids for erecting and lighting the tower.

If a bat wing antenna is accepted, the Stainless offer is $66,100. If a traveling wave antenna is chosen, the offer stands at $62,905.

Naming of a director of educational television was delayed on recommendation of Dr. Ayars.

Held up until the March 23 meeting was action leading to a call letter change for the station. Objections have been voiced to the letters KSHD.

Board member Byron Swanson suggested the station bear the last four letters in the name Spokane, KANE. Other suggestions have been KIDS, KEDS, KSBD, KNOO, KNOL and KSPS.


Dr. Ayars said his suggestion of KNOW, made last month, could not be used. An educational television station in Houston, Texas, bears the letters.

Friday, March 11, 1966

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