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Committee Discusses Educational TV Plans

December 15, 1965

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Directors of educational television stations are in a “rising market,” according to word given to Dr. Albert L. Ayars, city school superintendent, today.

At his first meeting with the Educational Television Advisory Committee, a member informed him that the position of station manager should carry a salary of at least $15,000 a year if suitable talent is to be attracted from commercial television stations.

When the subject of ETV was discussed by the School Board five years ago, $8,000 was considered as the basic salary. Two years ago, the position was included in the school district budget at $10,000.

“This is a responsible position,” Walter J. Schaar, KREM-TV program director, said.

Assistant Supt. L. Glen Minard maintained that the positions of a commercial station manager and an educational station manager are not so relative that a valid comparison may be drawn.

“The manager of an educational television program is given an educational program prepared by the administration and is told simply to air it. He is not responsible for any sales,” he said.

Ayars said the qualifications would be for a man who knows programming, technical operation of the station, public relations, and executive and administrative duties, and is possessed of an educational background.

Present at today’s committee meeting were Ayars, Elmo Steinke, Merle M. Hood, John K. Stallcop, Robert L. Pryor, Donald R. Waldrip, Lucy McCormack and E.J. Hjortedal, all representing the school district; Gordon Law, University of Idaho, David Green, consulting engineer, William Trogdon and Russell Smith, architects; Dee. R. Waymire, KHQ chief engineer; Schaar; Mrs. Florence Kribbs Johnson, Spokane Council for Educational TV; Stewart James, Seattle telephone company; Mrs. William E. Shoemaker and Mrs. Theodore Caesar, both Spokane Council of Parents and Teachers; James W. Hardie, state supervisor of audio-visual services; and Mrs. Jane Johnson, Spokane Community College.

Wednesday, December 15, 1965

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