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KREM Sale Tiff Moves to Court

December 5, 1957

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Louis Wasmer, president of KREM Radio and TV, yesterday asked a superior court here to settle a dispute between the station and Television Spokane, Inc., which Wasmer claims is interfering with a $2,000,000 sale of the KREM properties.

Wasmer alleges that Television Spokane is attempting to interfere with the sale by asserting a right to make an offer to purchase KREM facilities on its own.

Television Spokane, court papers show, has asserted that it has an option on the KREM property under an agreement in which Television Spokane withdrew a television channel application earlier.

Wasmer asks the court to interpret the agreement and find that Television Spokane has no option.

Agreement Claimed

Television Spokane alleges that under the agreement KREM was obliged to notify it of any intention to sell and give equal consideration to any offer the firm might then make for the property.

Wasmer claims that the other firm was notified of the pending sale but made no firm offer for the property.

The KREM president asserts that the agreement, in which Television Spokane received $32,500, does not give it a binding option on the property.

Thursday, December 5, 1957


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