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Announcing the Telecast Premiere of KREM-TV [1954 print ad]

October 30, 1954

This is one of those ads that make you ask yourself, “What the hell did I just read? And where’s the Tylenol?” Maybe this is a severe case of “you had to be there,” because I just don’t get it. Where’s Don Draper when you need him?

it’s Hi ! time…and here’s your 2-timing, Spokane


the eyes have it!


Announcing the Telecast  Premiere of

Sunday, October 31 at 6:30 P.M.
the inaugural program followed by the full length presentation of the all-time great motion picture
“Private Life of Henry VIII”
starring Charles Laughton and Merle Oberon

Now—comes the time for familiarization. Behind the scenes of the KREM-TV picture is that corps of individuals who are being schooled—men and women you know or will know soon as your neighbors and fellow citizens. To their abilities, KREM-TV assigns the tasks whose performance will progressively confirm their expertness. As you do, in acquiring the practice of familiarity with the introduction of a new model of equipment into your use, they, too, will be attaining the precision that makes for perfection with ease. Their swift mastery of this master facility, will be obviously before you in KREM-TV’s visual and audio output.

Here’s a “clue” for you in the two-party story for your Channel 2 viewing. Your Channel 2 viewing may be a two party matter. KREM-TV is engineered to get Channel 2 to you. The television experiences you have enjoyed up to now have reached you through excellent facilities for transmissions and your own aerialized, well-adjusted receiving set. If “2” and you should not get together perfectly, your part of the two-party story finds its clue in the possible present adjustment of antenna. Most television viewers are unfamiliar with antenna technicalities. Trust the matter to the capable, competent, equipped television authorities and service men whose assistance first initiated your set to enjoyable and satisfactory performance. The service expert you rely upon has been intimately briefed and trained to effectively make the adjustments or minor installation that will reproduce the KREM-TV programs with the desired high fidelity.

In coming into the picture…

KREM-TV comes to enrich the already rich television pleasures of Spokane and the Inland Empire Northwest. This Monday at THREE comes KREM-TV’s inaugural program screening, preceded by the Sunday evening presentation program commencing at 6:30 p.m.

to be in the picture…

KREM-TV on Channel 2 comes with plans for transmission of entertainment that explores televiewing of new distinction and variation, confidently conceived to become pleasing alternatives for your continuous entertainment satisfactions.

to stay in your picture…

KREM-TV comes endowed with an eminent background of electronic experience and familiarity. Attended by that experience, with neither haste nor hysteria, KREM-TV is fully representative in its whole installation of the later visions, now the advanced, confirmed concepts applying to the production and transmission of television.

With no pre-empting allegiance in its operations, KREM-TV makes its alliance with entertainment in a spirit wholly responsive to the audience’s regard and preferences, with a unique respect for the fundamental Service, Convenience and Necessity ideals of Spokane and the Northwest Community.

Monday at 3
your eyes have it
Represented Nationally by Edward Petry Co., Inc.

Technical television similarities and likeness of KREM-TV terminate at the level of technicality. Beyond—KREM-TV will project entertainment markedly different from television you have enjoyed. KREM-TV’s approach to “curtain time” is profoundly responsive to the instant and recurring instances in which, as a performing guest, we are invited into your home. All who are KREM-TV and all that is KREM-TV, shares that sense of dedication whose merit will prompt a deserve a lasting and enduring welcome from you. And now—

On With the Show


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