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Work Underway on KREM Tower

July 16, 1954

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Spokane’s third television station was a step nearer reality today as construction of KREM’s new 747-foot television and radio tower got underway on Moran Prairie.

Station owner Louis Wasmer said the triangular steel structure will be completed about the middle of August and will begin transmitting television on channel 2 some time this fall.

The first 683 feet of the tower will go up quickly, probably within 10 days, Wasmer said. Erection of the remaining 84 feet is expected to take about two weeks while the tower crew installs the TV and FM antennas and miscellaneous transmission lines.

The tower itself will act as the regular AM radio antenna and will extend KREM’s radio coverage, Wasmer said. Three flashing beacons and nine obstruction lights mounted atop the tower will warn aircraft.

Midwestern Firms Involved

Truscon Steel company of Youngstown, Ohio, manufactured the 83,000-pound steel frame, and it is being put up by Beasley Brothers of Muskogee, Okla., international tower builders.

While the tower goes up, work continues on KREM’s television studio which is being built onto the present radio building. Triple A Construction crews have completed the four walls of the pumice block building and began the roofing today.

Friday, July 16, 1954


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