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Approval Given for TV Station

March 18, 1954

Spokane Daily Chronicle

The Federal Communications Commission today apparently cleared the way for Louis Wasmer, owner of radio station KREM in Spokane, to build a television station.

The Associated Press reported from Washington, D.C. that the commission announced it has made “effective immediately” a hearing examiner’s recommendation that Wasmer be granted a Channel 2 television station here. The examiner’s decision was made March 8.

It followed withdrawal of the application of Television Spokane, Inc. for the third TV channel in Spokane. Television Spokane is headed by Burl C. Hagadone, who also is president of Inland Empire Broadcasting Company, operator of radio station KNEW.

Wasmer, who could not be reached immediately for comment today, had announced plans to build a $700,000 TV station at the KREM site on Moran Prairie as soon as the FCC permit was received. Plans include a 783-foot tower and 80×120-foot building.

Thursday, March 18, 1954


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