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Radio and TV Outlets Sold by Station KXLY

November 30, 1953

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Sale of radio station KXLY and television station KXLY-TV was announced today by Ed Craney, president of the stations. The sale is subject to the approval of the Federal Communications Commission.

The properties have been purchased by Northern Pacific Radio Corporation and Northern Pacific Television Corporation for $1,723,000, Craney said. He and Bing Crosby have been the principal owners of the station.

Both the purchasing firms, Craney said, are Washington state corporations and are wholly owned by Joseph Harris and Norman Eisenstein, New York business men, and by Richard E. Jones, who moved to Spokane from Detroit last June.

Jones, a native of Michigan, is a former vice president of the Storer Broadcasting Company, a firm with television and radio stations in the east and south. He said no part of the United States offers the business opportunities which exist in the Inland Empire.

Until recently, Jones was general manager of television station WABD, New York city, and was director of DuMont television stations in New York, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

He emphasized there can be no change in ownership or management of the KXLY stations until the sale gets FCC approval. Concerning future operations, he said he expects to extend television operating hours into morning after January 1.

One of the nation’s pioneer radio stations, KXLY first went on the air in 1922 as KFPY. The call letters were changed to KXLY on January 1, 1947. With Craney as chief stockholder and president, the 500-watt station has been operated by Symons Broadcasting, Inc. KXLY and KXLY-TV are Columbia Broadcasting System outlets here.

In addition to the stations in Spokane, Craney operates radio stations in Portland, Butte, Helena, Bozeman, and Great Falls and a television station in Butte.

Other “XL” station facilities in the area, he said, will remain available, individually or as a group under a single contract to advertisers, and Jones has been placed in charge of sales for all of them.

The sale of the Spokane stations was handled by the Blackburn-Hamilton Company, radio station brokers with offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Monday, November 30, 1953


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