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Novel Antenna Plan Operates

November 17, 1953

Spokane Daily Chronicle

One of the interesting developments in the spread of television reception throughout the Inland Empire has been the growth of community antenna systems.

Once in operation, the antennas provide residents in the communities in the “fringe” area with clear reception from KHQ-TV in Spokane. Many of the systems, now covering some 20 Inland Empire communities, have been installed by Northwest Electronics, Inc. of Spokane.

Function Explained

Engineers there pointed out that the community antenna functions similarly to those installed in Spokane department stores, hotels and apartment houses, where a single antenna serves 100 or more.

Wallace has a system that serves that city as well as nearby Silverton and Osburn. Kellogg has its own system. There are two in Moscow: one for the community and one for the University of Idaho. A new system is being installed at Elk River, Idaho.

The Lewiston community antenna is reported to be providing excellent reception from Spokane.

In operation in Washington are community antennas at Colville, Colfax, Washtucna, Pomeroy, Clarkston, Dayton, Walla Walla, Pasco, Kennewick, Wenatchee and Waterville. A system will be in operation at Republic within two weeks and one has been started at Ephrata.

There is also a community antenna at Missoula, Mont.

Experts here said the systems are operated as a public service utility. A franchise is obtained from the city and rates to customers established at the time the franchise is requested. Initial charges to customers vary, ranging from $100 to $125 in most cases, and a small monthly charge is made once the service is in operation.

Tuesday, November 17, 1953


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