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Use of TV Time Is Hearing Issue

June 1, 1953

WASHINGTON, June 1. (AP)—An exchange between a witness and rival counsel over the maximum time which Television Spokane, Inc. would devote to commercial programs highlighted a hearing in Washington, D.C. today into application for television Channel 2 in Spokane.

The hearing, before Examiner William G. Butts of the Communications Commission, involves applications of Television Spokane, Inc. and Lous Wasmer.

Harry Henke Jr., Seattle attorney and vice president-director of Television Spokane testified under cross-examination that his company hopes to achieve 68 per cent commercial time during its first year of operation.

When Harry M. Plotkin, Wasmer attorney, sought to determine if this figure constituted a ceiling above which the company would not go, Henke said he could not speak for all directors but that his personal inclination would be that it was a ceiling which he would not surpass even if the station could not make money at that ratio.

Henke said he felt there was a point beyond which the public interest suffers if a station devotes too much time to commercial programming.

Under questioning by James O. Juntilla, commission counsel, Henke said he had visited only one operating television station. That was KING-TV, Seattle, for about a half hour. He later amended that, however, to include another hour’s visit to KHQ-TV in Spokane.

The Seattle attorney, who holds a 20 per cent interest in Inland Empire Broadcasting Company, sole owner of Television Spokane, said he is prepared to devote a half day or more to the station but would play no part in day-to-day operation.

In addition to his 20 per cent interest, Henke said 40 per cent of Inland Empire Broadcasting is held by Burl C. Hagadone, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, publisher and radio man, with the remaining 40 per cent held by Scripps Newspapers, Inc.

Monday, June 1, 1953

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