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Wasmer Fights for TV Channel

May 30, 1953

Explains Radio Station Sales at D.C. Hearing

The Spokesman-Review

One phase of a television hearing on contested Channel 2 for the Spokane area ended yesterday when Louis A. Wasmer of KREM completed his case before the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., the Associated Press reported.

Wasmer and Television Spokane, Inc., both have applied for the channel.

Television Spokane, seeking the channel for KNEW, is scheduled to start its case Monday before Examiner William G. Butts.

Wasmer was questioned closely during the hearing yesterday concerning his radio station “deals” including sale of KGA to Gonzaga University. Television Spokane has contended Wasmer has been engaging in “trafficking” of radio station licenses.

Tells of Pay Suit

Wasmer denied on the stand that his own retirement from the broadcasting field for a number of years was a condition of the sale of KGA. He bought station KFIO within a year after the sale of KGA.

Wasmer said that at the time he was applying for a license to operate station KSPO in Spokane, a suit was brought against him by some “disgruntled” employees. Earl S. Trumble, Thomas G. Nelson and Rodolfo B. Scott filed the suit for about $3000 each for adjustments allegedly promised them after the World War II wage freeze.

A lower court decided in favor of Wasmer and the case was appealed to the state supreme court. Wasmer said he “kept his word” with the employees regarding salary adjustments.

Saturday, May 30, 1953 


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