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Northwest Radio Experience Told by Spokane Man

May 27, 1953

WASHINGTON, May 27. (AP)—A veteran Pacific Northwest radio man described a 45-year history of broadcast experience today before a Spokane television hearing.

Louis Wasmer, contesting with Television Spokane Inc. for Channel 2, said he first got into broadcasting when he assisted in the design and construction of an experimental station in the Fauntelroy Park area of Seattle in 1907 and 1908.

The station was built, he said, before the days of vacuum tubes now used in broadcasting.

Interests Noted

In the intervening years, he has owned solely or in part nine different stations, largely in Seattle and Spokane. He is now sole owner of KREM-Spokane and has a 43 per cent interest in KOL-Seattle and a 22 per cent interest in KXLL-Missoula, Montana.

Wasmer’s varied radio holdings are expected to play a key part in the opposition by Television Spokane, which has said it proposes to show that the Spokane man has “trafficked” in station licenses.

John Midland, Television Spokane’s attorney—in an apparent effort to buttress that contention—asked today that results of a commission investigation which he said was made into Wasmer’s radio affairs several years ago be made available to him.

Harry M. Plotkin, Wasmer’s attorney, said he would have no objection to such action providing the information—normally kept in the commission’s confidential file—is also made available to him. He said he would oppose the request, however, if Midland should seek to delay the hearing pending a study of the information.

Request Needed

When Commission Counsel James O. Juntilla noted that confidential files may be disclosed only by the commission after written request, Midland said he would not press the point on the assumption that whatever information may be contined in the file would be available to Juntilla.

Earlier, Hugh Feltis of Seattle, program consultant for Wasmer, said the station plans to start operation with a $200 basic nighttime hourly rate, subject to discount for frequency of use.

Wednesday, May 27, 1953


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