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Spokane Firms Heard in Appeal for TV Channel

May 26, 1953

WASHINGTON, May 26. (AP)—An attorney for Television Spokane, Inc., challenged unsuccessfully today the qualifications of the consulting engineer for its rival Spokane television applicant.

The challenge came early in the testimony of Robert M. Stillman, Washington engineer who said he would supervise construction of the Spokane station if the Communications Commission grants a construction permit to Louis Wasmer, Inc.

The two companies, each operator of an existing Spokane radio station, are competing for television Channel 2.

John Midland, attorney for Television Spokane, moved to strike Stillman’s testimony after the engineer conceded he has had little experience in the day-to-day operation of radio or television stations.

Examiner William G. Butts denied his motion, however, after Harry M. Plotkin, attorney for Wasmer, argued that all Stillman had done was to identify equipment which Wasmer proposes to install and tell where it would be placed.

“Even a layman can testify to placement,” Plotkin contended. “If Mr. Midland thinks it won’t work this way, he can bring that out on cross-examination.”

Stillman, opening witness in the Wasmer presentation, testified the company plans to spend $451,839 on equipment in its television operation, including half the cost of a $73,000 tower which will be used jointly by KREM-AM and FM.

Plotkin estimated he would complete the Wasmer presentation Thursday.

Television Spokane, subsidiary of Inland Empire Broadcasting Company which operates KNEW-Spokane, is slated to start its case next Monday.

Tuesday, May 26, 1953


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