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Educational TV Plans Mulled

May 23, 1953

Dill Is Sure Deadline Will Be Extended

The Spokesman-Review

Extension of the June deadline for establishing educational television stations seems certain, Former Senator C.C. Dill told the Spokane Citizens’ Committee for Educational Television Thursday at a public meeting at the School Administration Building annex.

Dill told of his recent meeting in the nation’s capital with Former Chairman Paul Walker of the Federal Communications Commission. He quoted Walker as saying: “It is not a question of our extending it. If we won’t, congress will.”

The former senator told the group he favored a plan by which educational television would be financed by the establishment of educational television districts. The system would have to be established by the state legislature.

Examples Given

Mrs. Wana McDole, Seattle Public Schools’ television coordinator, described the strides taken in the field of educational television in various parts of the nation. She has just returned from a trip to the east and middle west where she conferred with commercial and educational television operators in Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago and Ames, Iowa.

“The tendency is more and more for commercial stations not to give time for educational television,” she reported. “It all hinges on the fact that television is a business.”

She cited examples, however, where educational programs were drawing large audiences even in competition with entertainment programs. She said the rating of Seattle’s educational “Community Workshop” program has increased from 2.9 to 17.5 since it first was televised. This compares with Bob Hope’s rating of about 22.7, she said.

Mrs. McDole saw great value in the medium of educational television in solving community problems by injecting the feeling of human contact in relationships between people.

Saturday, May 23, 1953


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