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KXLY Hopes to Commence Its Telecasting This Month

January 7, 1953

The Spokesman-Review

KXLY-TV hopes to be “on the air” from Mount Spokane this month, W. Norman Hawkins, Spokane manager for the Columbia Broadcasting System outlet, announced yesterday.

“With outside work completed on our installation on Mount Spokane, weather is no longer a factor,” said Hawkins. “Right now we are awaiting the delivery of several small pieces of equipment which are holding up work in the transmitter building proper.”

Hawkins indicated the needed gear is coming from the Radio Corporation of America plant at Camden, N.J.

Seven-Day Week

KXLY-TV technicians under Jack Provis, chief engineer, and an RCA representative are working a seven-day week atop the mountain in an effort to wind up the installation job. Mrs. Provis is cook for the crew—and has been with her husband there continually since December 3, according to Hawkins.

A clear day during Christmas-New Year week enabled workers to connect the KXLY-TV transmitter to the 41-foot “bat-wing” antenna installed on the top of a 100-foot antenna outside the transmitter building. Weather in the three weeks prior to Christmas had made it impossible for technicians to complete the transmitter-tower link.

Meanwhile, all required work has been completed at KXLY-TV’s studios at W315 Sprague. With the exception of repair work yet to be done on a studio-control booth lighting circuit, the expansive studio with its many TV program stages is ready for use at any time.

Shows Produced

KXLY-TV produced from six to eight live television shows in the studios daily from November 3 until Christmas. The coaxial cable which carried the programs to set dealers in Spokane over a closed circuit has since been pulled down.

Hawkins last week announced that negations to affiliate KXLY-TV with CBS Television, as radio station KXLY here is affiliated with CBS Radio, had been completed.

“Among the network programs KXLY-TV will present to Spokane and Inland Empire audiences once telecasting begins are the Ford Foundation ‘Omnibus’ program, ‘My Friend Irma,’ ‘Mr. and Mrs. North’ and ‘I Love Lucy,'” said Hawkins. “Others will be scheduled when actual telecasting has begun.”

Wednesday, January 7, 1953


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  1. Wendy Provis permalink

    My Grandfather was Jack Provis ❤

    • I tried to hit “like” on your post, then I realized this isn’t Facebook. 😉 It’s always cool to find records of your departed loved ones. Glad you came across this article.

  2. Wendy Provis permalink

    I am not sure if this is when this happened but at one Point he worked for a station Bing Crosby owned. While they were up there Mr. Crosby snow shoed in and stayed with them. (My grandma had a picture of it but not sure what happened to it after she died)

    They told stories of sitting on some kind of tower ( fire tower i believe?) and Bing singing, the snow was so high it was almost as high as the tower.

    I am almost positive it was during the time this article speaks about but not sure if Bing owned the station or not.

    Would give anything to have that picture ❤

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