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Educational TV Deadline Set

December 18, 1952

Commercial Firm Could Enter Field After June, 1953

The Spokesman-Review

Whether Spokane will ever have educational television may be decided by June 4, 1953, Ed Adams, head of the University of Washington radio department, said Tuesday.

“If on June 4, 1953, no educational agency or coalition of agencies has applied for Channel 7, one of the contestants for a commercial station may apply,” Adams said. He said it didn’t appear likely that the deadline for an application for the educational station would be extended by the Federal Communications Commission.

Adams spoke at Lewis and Clark High School before a meeting of persons interested in educational television.

Committee Elects

Following his remarks, Mrs. Edward J. Lehan, chairman of the meeting, was elected chairman of a Spokane Citizens Committee for Educational Television. She was authorized to name an organizing committee.

No date for the next meeting on educational television was set, but it was suggested that it be held before January 9 and not earlier than January 5.

Adams said educational television could take one of three forms. One is adult education, formal and informal, with or without a classroom situation. Another form is programs for school viewing which would supplement films. A third direction is toward the out-of-school viewers, children and young adults. The latter type would be entertainment with “a par value.”

He said a television station in Spokane would cost from $190,000 for a low-powered station to $240,000 for a high-powered station. Operation cost of $90,000 a year for an educational television station would be lower than that of a commercial station, Adams said.

Thursday, December 18, 1952


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