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Engineer Tunes Video Antenna

October 28, 1952

“Bat Wing” Gear to Be Placed on KHQ Tower Tomorrow

The Spokesman-Review

Tuning of the KHQ-TV broadcasting antenna is scheduled for completion today at the radio station’s transmitter site on Moran Prairie.

Station officials announced yesterday that Sabcho Sabeff, General Electric Company field engineer from Schenectady, N.Y., is in Spokane to supervise the tuning processes. Initial work was started yesterday.

“The antenna must be checked electrically to determine if it matches the station’s operating channel—Channel 6,” Sabeff said, “and to measure impedance at different frequencies. Nothing unusual has developed to date.”

The antenna, measuring 84 feet and weighing about four and one-half tons, will be placed tomorrow atop the KHQ radio broadcasting tower at the 742-foot point—which will make the completed TV-radio tower measure its original 826 feet. Four of the uppermost radio sections were removed to make way for the TV antenna.

Once hoisted into place and ready for operation, the antenna must be rechecked by Sabeff and be returned and inspected for a variety of technical reasons.

A crew of 10 men worked last weekend repairing the antenna for installation. About 30 men are working on the entire project, which includes the erecting of a temporary antenna building near the tower.

“Bat-Wing” Type

Sabeff said the antenna was of the “bat-wing” type, which is characterized by five groups of jutting parts. The “wing” parts are mounted one each on the antenna’s four sides, which affects the radiation of energy in all directions. KHQ’s television broadcasting antenna is to operate with a power of 100,000 watts.

KHQ, the National Broadcasting Company radio affiliate here, hopes to offer TV broadcasting “soon after the first of the year,” according to Richard O. Dunning, president and general manager of the station.

Tuesday, October 28, 1952

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