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TV Hub Slated Atop Mountain

September 25, 1952

Three Stations May Use Tower; KXLY Signs 5-Year Pact

The Spokesman-Review

Spokane radio station KXLY yesterday won unanimous approval of the State Parks and Recreation Commission to use Mount Spokane as a site for a television broadcasting installation.

The Associated Press reported from Seattle that the station and the parks group had worked out a five-year agreement.

“KXLY will be required to allow any other stations space on the tower should they request it,” John R. Vanderzicht, parks director, told the AP. “The tower will be constructed so that it will not interfere with present recreational facilities or possibilities in the area.”

Two other Spokane stations—KHQ and KREM—had submitted with KXLY requests for TV equipment space on Mount Spokane to the commission when it met on Tuesday. Yesterday’s announcement by Vanderzicht said no other stations were involved in the present five-year agreement.

Cost Given

Use of the state park site for TV equipment will cost KXLY $1000 for the first year, $2000 for the second, and $2500 annually for the balance of the agreement, according to the AP. Monies will be paid to the State Parks and Parkways Fund. KXLY also won an option to renew the agreement for three five-year periods at the $2500-a-year rate.

Vanderzicht indicated the move by the commission was “in the public interest…as it will allow thousands more to enjoy television in Eastern Washington.”

Yesterday, Ed Craney, general manger of KXLY, was at Seattle to confer with attorney general’s office representatives about use of the site. He was quoted there as saying the XL radio chain would invest about $500,000 in the presently projected TV venture—but added the Mount Spokane development would cost about $300,000 itself.

Comment on the Mount Spokane TV program came yesterday from Burl C. Hagadone of Coeur d’Alene, president of station KNEW here. Hagadone and Louis Wasmer, owner of KREM, both have applications for Channel 2 TV permits before the Federal Communications Commission at Washington, D.C.

Hagadone indicated his application to the FCC includes a request for use of Browne’s Mountain (east of Moran Prairie) as a TV tower site. He said the site, which has been acquired by KNEW, will cover “as many people for TV purposes as the proposed Mount Spokane location, and possibly more.”

Thursday, September 25, 1952 

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